Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dating tips for guys

Everybody needs refreshers and tips for dating and the life of love. Miya and I share our personal preferences on dating and tips to ease those first date jitters. Clean, cut, and polite always win any girls heart over. FELLAS watch as we give our advice and hopes for your liking. Rate, comment, and subscribe for more tips if you love these ideas.

Dumb Sex Tips That Will Ruin Your Relationship Part #1

Sex advice: its all over the web. Some of it can help turn the heat up in the bedroom. Some... sucks. And not in a good way. We're singling out Cosmo Magazine once again for its ridiculous sexual tips and tricks. From foreplay to masturbation, anal sex to fun positions, if there's bad advice to be had, they've got it. The Common Room is here to take a look at awkward, frustrating, and entirely unsatisfying ways to combine genitals.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artist

What do you think about these Cosmo sex tips? Are any of them actually helpful in bed? Or are they just intended to be funny? Sort of a socially acceptable form of erotica? Do you have any tips people might not know about that can actually spice up their sex life? Let us know!

We'd like to thank Chelsea Klikunas,Samantha Schacher, Brett Erlich, and Taryn Brooks for joining us!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 5 Signs She Is Into You

Is your game working? Is she diggin' on you?
Five signals she will say yes:
  1. Laughs at even your bad attempts at humor
  2. Adjusts her hair
  3. Asks you about your family
  4. Wants to know what you like to do for fun
  5. Lets YOU control the conversation
Letting you control the conversation can simply mean she lets herself get quiet. Most men who are insecure about asking women out assume when she's quiet, she has lost interest.

It may simply be your turn to open up. Don't, not yet.

What tactic should you take then? Nothing. Feel no obligation to say anything to her. This is where asking questions makes you more interesting and interested. Posing a question puts you in the driver seat and gives her the chance to become your passenger.

Monday, July 16, 2012

When She Says No

No means no.
But no can also mean:
  • Come back later.
  • How hard will you try? 
  • How much do you want me?
Rejection is the fear but yes is all the more sweeter.
Start approaching women away from your home base. That way you remove one of the fears that after she says no I will have to see her again and relive the whole moment again.

Go to the next town over, even if she says yes you won't have to drive far to pick her up later. Have a reason handy. You prefer this store, theater etc, for the reason you are in her town.

Rejection by a woman isn't failure. It is a step on the ladder to the girl who will say yes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ten Ways to approach a Woman

List of 10 ways to talk to women:
  1. Circle her closely but ignore her. Sounds like a waste of time? If she is drawn to you, let her make the first move. The first one to talk gives up power. Her curiosity will make you handsomer.
  2. Do not reveal anything important in your first 20 dates. Stay mysterious! It works.
  3. Have two or three two line jokes memorized. They don't have to be great. Do not apologize before telling the jokes. Just do it.
  4. Tip well after a meal.
  5. Even if you hate your mother, show respect when talking about her. She is a woman after all. If you worship your mother, stop talking about her like she is a goddess.
  6. DO NOT WEAR TONS OF COLOGNE! Spray your stuff into the air and let it fall on you. Women have sensitive noses, you only need a suggestive smell. Do not spray cologne to last the night, that won't make you smell better. Opposite in fact.
  7. You don't have to be the alpha male. Just be the guy she can trust. Bullshitting someone will only get you more bullshit in your own life.
  8. Be friendly. You aren't talking with her to get laid, she can smell that coming a mile away. Refer to rule #7.
  9. Listen. Listening requires remembering what she actually said. Then find the connection in your own life but do not stay on the subject. Note the coincidence then move on. If she comes back to it, you got closer to her.
  10. Be more like Batman in the beginning and Superman after you get to know her.

How Do I Talk To A Woman

Good question. How do you start a conversation with a woman? Do I have anything in common with her? Will she reject me when I start talking?

You can only fake confidence for so long before being discovered or confessing your insecurities.
Not being yourself when talking to women is a fools errand.

Having nothing in common with a women is usually more attractive to the opposite sex than being like her.

In the following posts I will list different ways to engage her and keep her interested.