Monday, September 22, 2014

Jasmine Tridevil Woman Had Surgery To Add Third Breast

Well, I guess dreams do come true, depending on your definition of what a nightmare is. Jasmine Tridevil had plastic surgery to add a third breast to her body! All of the Total Recall jokes aside I have to ask. Why? She is already beautiful by world standards. Jasmine Tridevil has a kick-ass body. So what could it be? What drove her to such an extreme body makeover?

She partially had the surgery to "make herself less appealing to men" because she doesn't "want to date anymore" yet parades around trying to do a sexy little dance. How is adding a third breast less appealing to men? Jasmine hired a camera crew to all three of 'her girls' hoping to pitch her show to MTV. According to her Facebook page, she has upcoming appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show and the Inside Edition.